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Heated competition, deepening cheap dr dre beats integration and regional reshuffling have become increasingly prominent trends in the industry, he said."All of the bruises and wounds came from my father's beatings. He often forbade me meals," said the girl. His father Yang Shihai, who was caught assaulting her at home on May 8, was put in criminal detention on Tuesday on suspicion of intentional injury.Li Guanming, deputy chief of the legal affairs office of the Jinsha County Police Bureau, said evidence indicates that the suspect has been abusive.The evidence includes Yang Shihai's own confession, his daughter's statement and the testimonies of neighbors and the villagers committee, as well as a preliminary injury identification by court doctors. To dr dre beats cheap adapt to the trend, Xinhua has strengthened its new media presence by launching integrated news and information services through diversified channels including mobile phones and wireless Internet.After being transferred from a rural health center to a city hospital, the tiny child surprised doctors with the amount of Yang's mother, who was present during the May 8 assault, has ran away from home and has yet to be found. physical trauma she has endured.Yang Shihai is cheap beats by dre known to his neighbors in the village of Goupi as a notoriously abusive father. The girl had bruises on multiple parts of her body, as well as a scar in the corner of her mouth, according to Tang Yongtian, chief of a health center in Shitang Township, which is located in Jinsha County in southwest China's Guizhou Province. "She suffered scalp burns and was bald when police officers brought her in," Tang recalled.Because of the follicle damage she suffered, her hair can barely grow back. Moreover, severe malnutrition has resulted in edema in her feet, said Xiao Xue, chief of the beats by dre discount emergency surgery department at the hospital.Although her other wounds have begun to heal, the girl said her feet still ache.Yang said her head does not hurt that much, as doctors have managed to control her scalp inflammation."He beats the girl every two or three days. We criticize him for being so cruel. He growls back 'none of your business',"Sun said it is wrong to take a "none of my business" attitude toward child abuse. said local resident Tao Wenhui.Yang Shiming, elder wireless beats by dre cheap brother of Yang Shihai, recalled that the couple had been working in cities with their daughter. Acccording to principal Feng Zhiliang of the Longjiazhai Primary School, Yang's teachers also tried in vain to persuade the abusive father to relent.Born in one of China's poorest counties, Yang Shihai said he received little education and did not know how to properly educate a child."Such a mindset will create tolerance for domestic violence and inflict mental and physical damage on the victims," he added. Yang Zhihua, deputy chief of the Goupi Villagers Committee, said he was almost hit by Yang Shihai when he visited the latter's house to try and persuade him to be less abusive.Yang Shihai said he has repented again since being detained. At the end of last year, Xinhua consolidated its new media forces, and is working to develop its own media terminal."If one of the relevant parties were more responsible, the girl could have suffered less," said Sun.The situation would've been different if villagers were brave enough to stand up to the father or if the police would have intervened, he said.

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